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Art is a product like many others. It’s rated by its monetary value and often seen as an investment.
Since the start of the financial crisis, if not before, we’ve realised that the monetary value of something
does not necessarily equal its actual value.

The crisis makes us more courageous and we begin to look for other values again, values which can’t be measured in money, values like sharing and giving.


I’m an artist and I live in Kassel. Being an autodidact, I’ve let the spirit of Art Brut inspire me all my life.
The monetary value of my art is not so important to me. I’d rather share my joy for the art with others.


I’ve always been fascinated by the improvised play of black and white. The technique of scraping black and white acrylic paint together generates wonderful pictures. The eye gets seduced into wanting to recognise something and our brain forms the pictures we want to see. Each viewer might see something different according to what his or her personal experiences of seeing are.


On June 9th 2012, the first day of the documenta 13, I am giving away 495 pictures in the city centre of Kassel. I find it very exciting to spread my pictures all over the world and to make many people happy.

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It was a real success! I gave away 206 pictures. People were delighted and of course also surprised.
For me, it was a great joy to make so many people happy. My partner Joe Finer put a two-part video on Youtube, part 1 + part 2
Thanks a lot, Joe!
As there are still many pictures left I will do this free art happening again. If the weather allows it I'll be there on Sunday afternoon, June 17th.

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The second time of giving away pictures on June 17th was as successful as the first time. There is also a very nice video about this on Youtube. Some people who got a picture say here why they have chosen this particular picture. I find this very moving. As there are still 145 pictures left I will repeat it another time. It's not decided yet when this will be but I'll inform you here about it.
Please click here to view the video of June 17th.

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On August 12th, I gave away all remaining 145 pictures. It's a wonderful feeling having given them to so
many people and knowing that all 495 pictures are now spread out all over the world.

You can watch the video of the third free art event here: Video August 12th, 2012

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