Encounter with the Stork

Animals live in their own universe,

which is both near and far from the human universe.

But we are all inhabitants of an ecosystem and

we need each other. By our standards, humans

are the most intelligent beings on earth

and are able to reflect and understand

the connections of the sensitive ecosystem.

And yet we risk the collapse of the entire system

through our selfish and consumption-oriented lifestyle.


I see myself as a responsible person.

In order to understand, I try to put myself

in the shoes of the animals and to merge with them.

In this way, I sometimes manage to take the view

of another creature, such as that of the stork here.

I merge with the stork, so to speak, and fly through

the air with and in him. The elegance of the flight,

the beauty, the gentleness and friendliness of this

bird touch me a lot. This is how I made these

seven pictures which tell of the encounter

with the stork.

30cm x 30cm   on   60cm x 40cm

80cm x 60cm

80cm x 60cm

60cm x 80cm

60cm x 40cm

60cm x 40cm

60cm x 40cm

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